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A Midsummer To Remember

You are formally invited to Bilbo's 111th birthday!

"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."

Therefore, we would love for you and your family to join us in celebration of this epic milestone.

June 21 (rain date June 22)
1 pm - 6 pm
Bag End (Wallaceburg Ontario)


Music & Dancing
Portrait Portal
Dragon Fire
Gandalf's Sparklers

What you need to know:

Dress your best! This is a cosplay event, costume is mandatory. Though Hobbiton is only Hobbits, Middle Earth is vast, word of Bilbo's birthday has reached the mines of Morier, the forests of Fangorn, the rivers of Rivendell & the grounds of Gondor. Do not fret if your attire is not of the 9s, do what you can in regards to creating your LOTR inspired outfit.


Event will be documented for advertisement use in the form of photo and video.

This is a substance free event, no alcoholic beverages, no cigarette, or Gandalf's famous pipe weed smoke on the property please and thank you.

 Parking available for a few vehicles, overflow parking next door at Glasstown Plaza.

This is an organic property, refrain from using any non natural bug sprays - the mosquitos are wretched in the trees.

Be mindful and respectful of the property, as the forest is protected. Refrain from going into the barn, horse paddock, please do not feed the horses, or climb the horse fence. Note the cats do not enjoy being picked up. There is poison ivy in and along the forest. Stick to the open spaces and trails.

Please inform us of any allergies upon booking.

We promote freedom and natural health at Bag End, we do not acquiesce to darkness here. It is a sacred and safe place to allow our light to shine fully.

What you need to bring:

While grub & drink will be provided, feel free to bring a travel mug for unlimited Kangen water, coffee & teas.

Bring your own lawn chair for a comfortable spot to sit.


How to book:

Fill out the inquiry form below (include how many you wish to sign up and ages).

Once accepted, a 50% retainer is required to secure your spot, which is non refundable - unless the event is cancelled. The remaining 50% of payment is due upon arrival of event.

Payment can be made via e transfer, paypal, or cash drop off in Wallaceburg.

Limited availability, booking is first come first serve.
Please RSVP by June 14 2022



18+ $111

10-17 $88

3-9 $55

Under 3 $22




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