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Equine Prana Retreat


Experience a day of relaxation during Equine Prana Retreat at The Enchanted Forest in Wallaceburg Ontario. Participate in breath work and meditations with Quinton Kohl and enjoy yoga near Lor's horses, as well as one on one time with these majestic equines.

April 2 2022

(rain date April 3)

12 pm - 4pm

Ages 13+ (under 18 must have parent also signed up)


Breath Work
Yin Yoga Flow
Fresh Fruit & Veggies
Ground Equine Therapy

What you need to know:

 Horses have a mind and soul of their own and are often unpredictable. I had a coach once tell me "It isn't 'if' you are going to get hurt, it's when." I have been stepped on (and broke my foot, my own fault for not shutting the door), bitten (oops, fingers are not carrots), kicked (my bad, I was in the way and he wasn't aiming at me) and of course, have fallen off countless times while riding. As long as a horse is treated with unconditional love and respect, they would never intentionally harm, though they do at times get spooked. Accidents can and do happen. Everyone must sign a liability waiver before working with the horses.

Though the horses love apples and carrots, please do not bring them any treats, as consistent hand feeding can lead to bad manners.


Appropriate foot ware must be worn in the barn (boots or closed toe shoes).

No smoking permitted on the property.

Please be sure to not run, or scream in the barn, or around the horses.

There are many cats who live in the barn. They are all friendly, but not fond of being picked up. Do not chase them around, allow them to come to you, if they so choose to.


You will get dirty! Best not wear your favourite or most expensive clothing, it is bound to end up with horse slobber, dirt and even a chance of a rip of tear on occasion. Dress appropriate for the weather in comfortable clothing you can easily move in.

Event will be documented for advertisement use in the form of photo and video. If you do not wish to be used in the footage, please let me know and I will do my best to film around you.

This is a substance free event, no alcoholic beverages, no cigarette smoking on the property please and thank you.

 Parking available for a few vehicles, overflow parking next door at Glasstown Plaza.

Please inform us of any allergies upon booking.

We promote freedom and natural health at the Enchanted Forest, we do not acquiesce here. It is a sacred and safe place to allow our light to shine fully.

What you need to bring:

Yoga Mat
Lawn Chair
Travel Mug (for tea)

How to book:

Fill out the inquiry form below (include how many you wish to sign up and ages if under 18).

Once accepted, a 50% retainer is required to secure your spot, which is non refundable - unless the event is cancelled. The remaining 50% of payment is due upon arrival of event.

Payment can be made via e transfer, paypal, or cash drop off in Wallaceburg.

Limited availability, booking is first come first serve.


Adults $55

Teens $44

6 spots total

Breathe Freely

Freedom Friendly


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