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Intuitive Bonding Clinic

Cultivate trust, respect and love between you and your horse. Regardless of if you are a beginner, novice, or advanced rider, we can always improve our ethics with our equine partners. Even if you do not ride, this is the perfect opportunity to take your relationship with your horse to an even deeper level of understanding, trust and intuition.

March 9 2024

Join Horsewoman of 23 years, Reiki Master & Intuitive Riding Coach, Laura Myers for a day of fundamental training during this grounding and sacred equestrian clinic outside of Wallaceburg Ontario.

During the Intuitive Bonding Clinic we will focus on forming a calm atmosphere, bringing both horse and human into relaxation. Building trust with respectful and ethical horsemanship. No two horses, nor no two people are alike. Energetic grounding exercises, along with breath work and meditation will be in focus to assist each horse + human partnership on their journey to becoming closer than ever.

Each session is unique depending where each horse and human land. Some may stick to ground activities, where others may further to bareback and bitless riding. This will be decided during the session based on where both horse and human are at in their development. It is perfect okay and well if riders are to stay on the ground, do not be discouraged if today isn't your day to ride, for Intuitive Horsemanship and Intuitive Riding comes all in divine timing.

"It takes as long as it takes."
- Gawani Pony Boy

Time Slots:

8 30 am: Introduction
9 am: Available
10 am: Available
11 am: Available
Lunch break at noon
1 pm: Available
2 pm: Available
3 pm: Available

Arrive promptly by 8 am.
Fresh fruit & veggies, Tea, Coffee & Water provided for lunch.
Bring your own travel mug for hot drinks.
Event is rain, or shine with both a quaint indoor and outdoor sand arena for clinic use.
A waiver is to be signed by all participants (excluding auditors).
Under 18 require parent present to sign a waiver.
A $15 payment provided by parents to go towards food and drink.
Bitless bridles & bareback pads available to use if needed free of charge.
Stall rental included in clinic cost.
If trailering your horse in, be sure to provide your own hay.
All riders must wear a helmet regardless of age.
OCT qualified person in attendance with PATH membership and cleared police check.

Everyone is asked to remain quiet and hold stillness during the clinic to give all humans and their horses a safe container in their lessons.

Invest in your Equine Partnership

Early bird special $120 if booked by January 15

Auditor Fee: $40
Early bird special $30 if booked by January 15
Limited number of auditor spaces available
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