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Give When You Can, Receive When You Need

I do believe in the Karmatic Wheel, that what we put out we get back, often times three fold, or even more.

I also believe in a fair energy exchange, as everyone deserves compensation in one form, or another, for their time, work, creations etc.

However, I don't worry if there isn't always an exact equal value of exchange all of the time when I am giving my services, or simply helping another in any way.

There are times where we need help, in one form, or another. We have all been there, whether we are struggling financially, feeling emotionally drained, dealing with health issues, or even need a hand with fixing a leaky roof. The list could go on.

I tend to live my life as a "give when I can, receive when I need" type of mind set. When my being is feeling full and well, I am able to give more of myself to others. Though of course it is vital for me - and I feel everyone in a career of service to others - to accept payments for my services, I often give for free to those in need.

By no means am I tooting my own horn, or boasting about what I do, but I feel the need to touch on this subject of energy exchange. The want and need to help others has been ingrained in me for as long as I can remember. I know that I am here to do what I can to assist others with their own healing and awakening, as it is part of my life's purpose during this incarnation.

It actually feels great to give to others, but best be sure that intentions are pure, that we are giving because we truly wish to help, not because of a status symbol. It is fine to feel good for helping, for when we continue to help others, it creates a mass chain of healing. As we continue paying it forward, the vibrations of our collective consciousness raise closer to 4D and 5D, evolving our species and creating a Utopian World.

Of course, we need to keep in mind that one cannot pour from an empty cup. Making sure to take care of ourselves first, We also need to realize that it is okay to accept help from those willing to help us. Releasing any guilt of "But I didn't do anything for you/I cannot give you anything in return" and shifting to a state of Gratitude. For when we are thankful and grateful for what we have been given, we attract more of that into our life.

The Universe provides and often times, we are the work of Karma and of the Law of Attraction. With pure unconditional love towards ourselves and others, we align our vibrations and balance the flow of giving and receiving.

With that said, for the remainder of Spring, I am offering pay what you can 15 minute online Reiki sessions (a $33 value), to celebrate gaining my Master Reiki level this past Sunday, May 24. You may also upgrade your session to 30 minutes plus an Oracle reading for only $55 (an $88 value).

My cup feels quite full right now, which is the perfect time to give back to those in need. I encourage others to give when you can, so you receive when you need.

Much love and many blessings,

I would also love to send my deepest love and gratitude to my friend and mentor, Vanessa Marie Dewsberry, for her amazing support during all three Reiki levels. I am very blessed to know you!

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