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Souls Unplugged


Take a well deserved break from cell phones, computers and other EMF radiation during Souls Unplugged at The Enchanted Forest in Wallaceburg. Bask in the peaceful surroundings of nature. Ground yourself on Mother Earth, let go of all worries and take this experience to just be, relax and rejuvenate.

June  21 2022

12pm -5pm

Open to adults and teenagers who have cell phones.

This event has no scheduled activities. Simply show up and enjoy this serene property, mingle with like minded folks and if you wish, bring your own outdoor fun if you like!
There is a bug proof tent that is offered as a quiet/meditation space, a patio with chairs and picnic table and trails to walk through. There will also be a fire going (weather permitting) for all to enjoy.


What to bring:

Lunch and snacks for yourself

Dress for the weather - we have mosquitos, fyi

Lawn chair, or yoga mat to sit around the fire.

Water bottle to stay hydrated, feel free to bring a travel mug for tea & coffee.

What to know:

Unplugged means no cell phones, or internet! All phones will be shut off, gathered up and put in a safe place until the event is finished. The internet to the house will also be turned off to get rid of all EMF radiation signals on the property. A landline is available for anyone who needs to use it.

Event is outdoors.

A bathroom is available for use in the house.

Poison ivy is present on the property, please be mindful of what you touch. Poison ivy teaches us to learn boundaries.

Please do not visit, or feed the horses without Laura's presence, or permission and please note to not hand feed the horses at any time, or give them grass, as it creates bad manners and the one horse can get sick from the grass.

Parking available for a few vehicles, overflow parking next door at Glasstown Plaza.

Parents are responsible for keeping watch over their own children. At least one parent, or legal guardian must be present for anyone under 18.

Please do not use any chemical bug spray, as this is an organic property.

Absolutely NO alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana or other drug use. This is a substance free event.

The cats on the property are often friendly, but also like their space at times. Please only pet the cats if the cats come to you. All cats have claws. Do not pick them up.

Event will be documented in photo form for use of advertisement. If you do not wish to be photographed, please make that known (we can also only take photos that do not show your face, if that is alright).

We promote freedom and natural health at the Enchanted Forest, we do not acquiesce here. It is a sacred place to allow our light to shine fully. Note that many in our circle have not gotten any covid shots and are wary of spiked protein transmission (Lor included). Many unvaccinated prefer to keep distance and not hug those who did receive the covid vaccine. Those who got the covid shot are very welcomed at our events, but please ask before hugging everyone and keep a respectful distance in general. Though we may not all share the same beliefs, we can choose to be kind and respect each other's choices.


How to book:

Fill out the form below.

Please let us know if you are unable to attend, even if it is last minute.

Investment cost:

Donation based on a sliding scale of $2-$222 or offer a heart gift (organic food, essential oils, musical instruments, a holistic service, whatever you feel your heart wants to give).


Join Us!

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