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Enchanted Forest
Women's Circles

Offering a supportive sacred space for Women in the Wallaceburg area. Many Women are in need of a shoulder to lean on, a hug from another, a smile to share with and a tribe to build. In these circles I merely hold space for Women ready to take the next step in their healing journey.

Upcoming Circles:

Women's Circles have taken a new form of Horse Ally Membership

Lor will host a few outdoor spiritual exercises at the beginning of the circle, such as;

Breath Work
Chakra Singing
Intuitive Dancing
Equine Bonding

Our second hour will consist of a sacred sharing circle either outdoors, or indoors over herbal tea.

We are all in different areas on our own unique path and we honour this with our agreements:

Respect everyone's privacy.

Treat everyone with kindness, including yourself.

Accept diverse points of view that align with love.

Allow whom is speaking to do so without interruption.

Keep notice of our time so everyone has a chance to share.

Refrain from giving advice unless it is asked for.

Speak your truth and honour your inner knowing.

Be ready to make change within yourself.

Open to Women 18+ who are ready to delve into their work.

Circles are a la carte, there is no need to sign up to every circle, though commitment to growth is a grande change that is often needed for healing.

Please note our forest is protected. Refrain from any chemical bug spray, climbing trees and fences, or picking any flowers or plants. Be mindful of the horses, as they sometimes think fingers are carrots.

A washroom is available in the house.

If you feel the call to join, fill our the inquiry form below.
Energy exchange of $30

Please note sometimes my responses to the inquiry forms do not go through and vice versa. If need be please email me directly at or through my fb page North Node Wanderlust to ensure we are in contact.
Women's Circle Inquiry Form
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