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Nova Scotia Naiads

A rejuvenating Goddess retreat to Digby Nova Scotia on the Bay of Fundy!

Stay 7 days (6 nights) at The Lighthouse Inn (the old Lighthouse Keeper's home) on the Ocean at Point Prim!

Breathe in the cleansing briny air while enjoying activities such as Yoga, Guided Meditations, Forest Bathing, Drum Circles, Spiritual Rituals, Beach Visits and of course - Whale Watching!


Pricing and accommodations to be updated (more beds hopefully to be added)


7 days 6 nights on the Bay of Fundy
6 spots
2 beds
4 tents



~ Naiads Opening Circle

~ Yoga Classes

~ Whale Watching Adventure

~ Guided Meditations

~ Forest Bathing

~ Drum Circles around Camp Fire

~ Spiritual Rituals

~ Mermaid Lore & Ocean Magick

~ Explore Digby

~ Maud Lewis Replica House

~ Maud Lewis Movie Night

~ Beach Visits

~ Balancing Rock Adventure

~ Reiki Treatments

~ Mermaid Oracle Readings

~ Naiads Closing Circle



~ Accommodations at The Lighthouse Inn (my house) on the Ocean for 7 days 6 nights (limited beds available, space for camping at a lesser cost).

~ Breakfast & Lunch foods provided (fruits, veggies, hummus, eggs, toast, bagels, mainly whole foods and healthier snacks), everyone makes their own breakfast and lunch.

~ Herbal Teas and Coffee.

~ Whale Watching (weather permitting).

~ Travel with Laura during retreat.

~ Pick up in Digby at the ferry, or bus stop include, same with drop off on our way out.

~ Yoga classes with Laura.

~ Guided Meditations from Laura.

~ Reiki Treatments from Laura (one per person during our stay).


~ Dinners out every night, please be prepared to take care of your own bill as we dine out each evening.

~ The Maude Lewis replica home is free to see, but donations are greatly accepted and is encouraged.

~ Plane, bus, ferry tickets. You must make your own arrangements to get to Digby.

What to bring:

~ Rain gear and boots, as the weather is very unpredictable. Though, we won't let a bit of rain stop us from our adventures!

~ Swim suit if you plan to bathe in Mother Ocean, perhaps a pair of flip slops for the beach.

~ Your own personal toiletries & beach towel.

~ Extra personal snacks if you wish.

What you need to know and prepare for:

~ Whale Watching will be booked on day 3, back up days are day 4 and 5. We will change up the plans for the days to give our best chance for Whale Watching.
If for some reason we are unable to go Whale Watching, that portion of the trip funds will be refunded to each person. It will be much colder - and wetter - on the water,
be sure to dress appropriately. More information about Whale Watching can be viewed
here. Lunch is included prior to our tour at The Petit Passage Cafe (excludes Lobster Dinner). You can view their menu here.

~ There have been ticks found on the property, but mainly near the back at the tree line. I will have a safe tick remover handy. Be sure to wear long clothing that can
be tucked in to avoid tick bites and to thoroughly check yourself often.

~ Like back home in Ontario, there are some coyotes, but unlike south western Ontario, there is the occasional black bear in Nova Scotia. When we pay respect to Nature, Nature respects us in return.

~ In the event of a storm, campers may move to the garage or basement.

~ All participants have free range of the house the entire time, campers do not have to stay in their tents, that is just a sleeping arrangement.

~ As of right now, there is one Queen bed in a private room and one Queen futon in a private room available for indoor accommodations. There may be a change with set up to add another indoor sleeping spot, that is not yet set in stone. As of right now, there is room for 2 guests in the house and 4 campers. If friends or relatives are coming together, there is an option to share a room with queen bed. *Will update this further into the future.

~ The wind and tide at the point are both very strong, be extremely cautious when out at the point and be sure to stay off any black/wet rocks.

~ Most phone providers do not have a signal at the Lighthouse (I believe Rogers does - I plan to switch my phone provider, my phone can be used if your phone doesn't get reception). The house does not have internet, though wifi can often be picked up from the Lighthouse. It is encouraged to drift away from devices during this retreat, but not mandatory.

~ There is a bus that goes from Halifax to Digby once a day. You can view further information for bus travel

~ I will be available to pick up guests from the bus station, or ferry the 1st until 7 pm.

~ Laura is planning to arrive July 30 and head home August 9 (giving time to set up and clean up).

~ A vegan meal (TBD) will be available for guests the first night at The Lighthouse Inn, to ensure everyone is fed, even if arriving later. This way we are not rushed to head out for dinner.

~ We will check out the shoppes downtown Digby, consider allowing yourself some spending money, if you are looking to bring a piece of Digby back with you
(there is a metaphysical store in town, for all us "Woos" ;)

Parts of this event may be documented by videographers and used for advertising purposes. We can do our best to exclude you from any used footage if necessary (by filming around you and such).

~ Some camping supplies may be offered, but you are encouraged to bring what you can of your own. I am hoping to have at least one five person tent available for use. I am currently searching for somewhere local to rent camping gear. 

About The Lighthouse Inn:

~ The Lighthouse Inn has recently been acquired by my family. It was built in 1962 as the Lighthouse Keeper's home. It has since changed hands and was loved
by a friend of the family's for many years. It is a small and cozy home, open living room/kitchen concept and three bedrooms. Situated on 2 acres with views of the
Bay of Fundy. Some years ago, the people of Digby actually were able to purchase the Lighthouse. Fundraisers are held for the town to be able to keep the Lighthouse.
A portion of the funds from this trip will be donated to ensure the Lighthouse stays in the hands of the good people of Digby.

~ Rooms: 1 private room with queen bed, 1 private room with queen pull out couch.

~ Bathrooms: 1 two piece bath, 1 three piece bath

~ Laundry on site


About Digby Nova Scotia and Maud Lewis:

~ Digby is down home for me. Though I was born and raised in Ontario, Digby is in my blood and my soul. My mother was born in Digby and lived there the
first two years of her life. My Grandmother was born and raised there, which I have much extended family still residing in Digby. This quaint little town is full of
beautiful landscapes and is known for it's world famous scallops! The perfect quiet, yet lively place to delve within one's own soul.

Maud Lewis is a world famous self taught painter from, you guessed it, Digby Nova Scotia. In fact, she was friends with my Great Grandmother Vidito. My Grandma and her family members remember Maud vividly. Maud was known for her unique take on folk art, which was her escape from the hardships in her life. You can read more about Maud here, though we will be watching the movie based on her life, "Maudie" one night, or rainy day during the retreat (feel free to watch before hand, if you wish!). An inspiring, artistic and strong woman that deserves her story to be heard.

I am extremely grateful and proud to be your guide on this spiritual journey!


How to book:

~ To inquire about reserving a spot in this event, please fill out the form below.

~ Once accepted, a
$555 retainer (non refundable, unless event is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances) is required to secure your spot. Payment plans can be made over three installments. Full payment is due by July 1. 

~ If you need to cancel, but can find someone to fill your spot, the retainer will be refunded upon new retainer made by the new spot holder.

~ Paypal, E Transfer and Cash accepted.

~  Investment cost with room & bed: TBA Early bird special TBA if booked by March 1

~ Investment cost with camping spot: TBA Early bird special TBA booked by March 1



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