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Photo by Sylvia Jae Houston

Intuitive Equine Retreat

Horses have a way of evoking the child inside of us, full of wonder, joy and magick. Being very intuitive creatures, horses can read our emotions and vibrations quickly and easily, whether we are in a positive, or negative mind set. However, this energy exchange works both ways. Simply being in the presence of horses often creates a field of calmness, relaxation and peace. Though some humans have a fear of horses, which is understandable, when we spend more time getting to know these majestic animals, we find that they reflect a lot of similarities within ourselves. This is where healing for both human and horse can take place.

When you book your own personal, or group Intuitive Equine Retreat, you will settle into a slowed down realm, where nothing is rushed, anxieties can float away and peacefulness will flow in. Every session is unique to the person in regards to where they feel comfortable and what their needs are. A large portion of what is facilitated is simply sitting with the horses, giving them time and space to get to know you and for you to get to know them. Cultivating a friendship built on trust and respecting boundaries of both parties. Allowing horses to walk away if they feel need to and giving them space to say hello and come in for scratches and snuggles. Every horse and human responds in their own way and we honour that for everyone involved.

Some extra activities that may take place in an Intuitive Equine Retreat are:

Yoga Flow
Breath Work
Tea & Talk
Reiki Session
Forest Bathing

When you feel the moment is right during your Intuitive Equine Retreat, you will be invited for Tea break (coffee, reverse osmosis and kangen water also available) while we sit down together either indoors, or out, whichever your preference.















Investment for a 3 hour Equine experience:


Semi Private (up to 3 people)

Small Group (up to 6 people)


What you need to know:

~ Horses have a mind and soul of their own and are often unpredictable. I had a coach once tell me "It isn't 'if' you are going to get hurt, it's when and how bad." I have been stepped on (and broke my foot, my own fault for not shutting the door), bitten (oops, fingers are not carrots), kicked (my bad, I was in the way and he wasn't aiming at me) and of course, have fallen off countless times while riding. As long as a horse is treated with unconditional love and respect, they would never intentionally harm, though they do at times get spooked and some hold past traumas. Accidents can and do happen. Everyone must sign a liability waiver before working with the horses.

~ Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent.

~ Though the horses love apples and carrots, please do not bring them any treats, as consistent hand feeding can lead to bad manners. We give them treats at the right time for specific reasons.

~ Appropriate foot ware must be worn in the barn (boots or closed toe shoes).

~ No smoking permitted on the property. Please arrive sober and alert.

~ Please be sure to not run, or scream in the barn, or around the horses.

~ There are many cats who live in the barn. They are all friendly, but not fond of being picked up. Do not chase them around, allow them to come to you, if they so choose to.

~ You will get dirty! Best not wear your favourite or most expensive clothing, it is bound to end up with horse slobber, dirt and even a chance of a rip of tear on occasion.


How to book:

~ Please fill out the inquiry form via the button at the bottom of the page. Tell me a bit about yourself, if you are hoping to book for yourself, child, couple, or group. Let me know if you have any specific dates you were hoping to book as well.

~ Booking requires a 50% retainer (non refundable unless I am unable to fulfill the session) to be made to hold your date. The other 50% is due the day of, before we start your session.  Your day is rain, or shine, but one rescheduling is allowed if necessary (due to family emergencies, extreme weather, sickness etc). Your retainer will be lost if you fail to attend your day without rescheduling notice. Further rescheduling requires a $50 fee (retainer will not be lost if given notice about second rescheduling and new scheduling fee paid before your original date).

~ Paypal and E transfer can be made to
Cash drop off can also be arranged.



Photo by Sylvia Jae Houston

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