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Intuitive Equine Reiki


The benefits of Reiki far surpasses human sessions. Reiki is beneficial for all life forms, including our beloved equine companions.

Horses are highly sensitive, but also very intuitive creatures. They pick up on energies and frequencies easily, whether it being positive, or negative.

The day I went to pick up my first horse, Simon, he had a crack through his hoof that was not there when I went to view him. Our first days, months and year together was trying to get his hoof to heal, but it kept becoming infected and bursting open every time we thought we were getting somewhere. Simon would end up in so much pain at times that all he wanted to do was lay down in his stall.

My aunt Lillian came out with me to the barn I kept Simon at and taught me how to visualize coloured lights on him with Reiki to help him heal. This was the beginning of my Reiki journey, when I was only 15 and Simon 5.

For whatever the reason, life brought me to different areas and I did not continue equine Reiki. Though in my mid - late 20s I revisited my own personal Reiki practices and became an official Reiki Master.

And then it clicked.

I recently took the time to give Simon Reiki again and he absolutely loved it!

Why am I not offering this to other horses?

A spark lit inside of me, realizing the divine timing to begin sharing my gift of Equine Reiki with our beloved horses to help them on their own personal healing and spiritual journey.

Reiki for your equine partner will open up energetic blockages, as it does for humans as well, allowing energy to flow through the body gracefully, creating balance not only physically, but also emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

Each session is unique with time, depending on what the horse requires and how long they wish to stay for their session. Reiki can be given with hands gently placed on the horse, if the horse allows, or resting a few inches above the body.

I ask that horses are free range, either in the paddock, or in the stall and not tied up. This gives them the choice whether to come up to me, or walk away. If they walk away but to give permission for me to work on them, I can continue to offer them Reiki from a distance.

I also ask that you give your horse the remainder of the day off to relax and reflect after their Reiki session. As with my human clients I suggest they do not book anything else afterwards, except perhaps an epsom salt bath, a forest walk, or a nap, along with lots of water to hydrate.


$80 including travel fee up to 30 minutes from Wallaceburg.
$100 including travel fee up to 45 minutes from Wallaceburg
$120 including travel fee up to 60 minutes from Wallaceburg

Book multiple horses at a facility and share the travel fee!

Upgrade with a Reiki session for yourself at your barn!

I can bring my Reiki table, or lay grounded on the earth. Whichever you choose, we can set you up close to your horse (safely) so you can both enjoy an amazing energetic healing experience together.
+ $60

Prices to increase in spring 2024

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