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Honour the Tides within Yourself

Life is full of cycles. The changing of the seasons, phases of the moons and turnings of the tides. We see many cycles occur in Nature, but we also have cycles within ourselves, such as sleep cycles, menstrual cycles in Women and of course, breath cycles. I find the cycle of our breath is very similar to the tides in the seas. High tide resembling the inhalation, breathing life force energy as we welcome in creativity and forwardness. This is a time where we are crushing goals, making big life changes and stepping into our power.

Our exhalation, being low tide, washes away the old and all that which no longer serves us. Time for hibernation, reflection, slowing down and going within. Recharging our batteries and gaining clarity of current situations.

So, how can one be sure to stay afloat during the shifts in weather and stormy seas? Listen to yourself. What might be right for many others, may not be right for you. It's okay to take the path less traveled. We live in a society where we are told we must work 9-5, 5 days a week, sit in cubicles behind screens all day, disconnected from the natural world and disconnected from our higher and true self. It is a world we were born into, but it is also a world we can change as a collective. Each change starts within ourselves and we must trust our unique needs to stay a steady course. Your body will give you physical signs, your intuition will bring you answers and your heart will guide the way to safe harbour. Whether you need to expand, or contract, give, or receive, create, or dismantle, breathe in, or out, listen to yourself and the signs around you. Perhaps you are ready to take a deep breath in and begin a new journey, or adventure! If your energies have been on the rise, this can be a good time to channel that abundant energy into a creative form that you have been leaning towards. This may be the place to take a leap of faith into your dreams and start working on new projects, or finishing old ones to be able to continue moving on. Remember to listen to yourself, if you start feeling depleted, as the tides may be ready to turn soon. Or perhaps you are quite like myself right now and needing to take the longest, slowest exhale possible, drifting far out to the open sea. Feeling exhausted, ungrounded and ready to purge all that is no longer needed. Make room to hold space for stillness and quietness. A place without expectations, where you can nurture the light within yourself and expand your consciousness to your inner truth and wisdom. Know it's okay to be low on energy and that you deserve the time, space and care to recharge and reboot. For local Women who are deeply feeling the need for an out breath day, I am hosting a private event at The Enchanted Forest in Wallaceburg September 2. Check out the video below for a peek at this magickal space and for further information on this sacred healing day.

For further information about Sacred Sisters Unplugged, please visit the link below. Wherever you may be in the sea, know that you have all required to be led safely to either shore. Trust yourself and love yourself, for you are more than worthy. Honour the tides within yourself and you will receive exactly what you need.

And with that, I am off for a nice out breath and deep diving! Much love and many blessings, Laura Myers Reiki Master, Oracle & Intuitive Guide

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