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Ascending With Horses


"What do you mean, intuitive?"

Horses are very sensitive animals and lead from their instincts, as well as their gut - their intuition. Humans also have that 'gut feeling' which is our intuition guiding us. Sometimes we can't explain why we feel a certain way about someone, or why we feel the need to make a specific decision. This is our intuition giving us information so we can make choices for our highest good.

A horse will reflect their environment. Being prey animals, if they are out in the pasture and a predator is lurking nearby, or perhaps there is loud construction on the road along the fence, or their human student is running around and feeling anxious, they will react instinctively to their surroundings, reflecting their environment with their behaviour. When horses feel safe in their paddock, there are no spooky noises and humans hold calmness while in their presence, horses will again reflect their environment and come into a state of relaxation.

This is the state we aim to achieve with our equine companions. Bringing both horse and human into a tranquil environment, taking our time with each other to build trust and friendship before taking the next steps together. When we lead with heart based horsemanship, we honour our horse's boundaries by listening and watching for their cues, telling us how they are feeling.

Both humans and horses build confidence when leading from the heart, giving as much time needed to strengthen our bond together and gently sinking into a place of peace.

When humans learn to open their hearts and minds, while trusting their intuition to guide them, a beautiful relationship is formed with these majestic, wise creatures.

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