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Ascending With Horses
Spring Open House


Step into the realm of The Enchanted Forest, where old Oaks tower, wildlife flourishes and wise equines reside. Learn a bit about the horses that take part of the healing circles held here and what goes on during equine related offerings and events.

April 13   11 am - 1 pm

Women 18 +

2048 Dufferin Ave Wallaceburg Ontario

Please park on the road unless you have difficulty walking to ensure space for all.

Safety Guidelines:

Check your energy before stepping into a horse's space. Horses are incredibly intuitive beings that can sense our heart beat from up to 50 feet away! They often pick up on our energy and emotions very quickly. When we come into a calm and collective state, they will follow.

We hold the highest respect for our equin
e partners. Horses are not to be touched unless they come up to you. Put your hand out flat for them to reach to you first, do not touch them first. Keep your fingers away from their mouth, as sometimes they mistake them for carrots. This gives horses consent and freedom to move away, or interact with humans. Be sure to stay on the outside of the paddock and do not climb the fence.

Keep a quiet voice and slower movements in the vicinity of the horses.

Refrain from entering the barn and outer buildings.

Do not chase, or pick up the cats.

No smoking, alcohol, or any substances on the property.

Note we have poison ivy growing naturally around the forest, be mindful of where it lies and what you touch (though it likely will not be an issue this early in the season).

This Open House is for Women 18+, please do not bring along children or spouses. Events and offerings at this time are specifically for Women on their healing journey and spiritual evolution.

Photos and video will be taken of the open house for advertisement purposes.

Event is rain, or shine. In the event of a thunderstorm the Open House will be post poned to the following day. Please save this link and check it the morning of the event for confirmation that all is a go, or for rescheduling details.


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