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Fundamental Horsemanship Lessons


Horseback riding is an incredible and thrilling sport, but what often gets over looked is everything else that goes along with having an equestrian lifestyle.


When you sign up for Fundamental Horsemanship Lessons, you will learn what is involved with having horses, such as daily morning/evening barn chores, feed, grooming, leading, safety and understanding horses' signals of communication. How does a horse let you know when they are angry, uncomfortable, or ill? Can you tell when a horse is relaxed? And what is going on in their environment to cause them to be feeling the way they are at this time?

Work along side Laura and her three horses, Simon, Nicky & Donkey as you experience life on the farm in the company of gentle equines. With so much to learn in the horse world, lessons can persist on a weekly basis to soak in knowledge and of course, one on one time with these beautiful beings. It takes repetition to remember how to go about their care and to be around horses safely. It all comes in perfect timing and with dedication, you will become a skilled horse person.

Intuitive Fundamental Horsemanship lessons are perfect for both folks new and experienced to the equine world. If you wish to learn to upgrade your skills and work with horses in an ethical and kind manner to either strengthen your bond with your own equine partner(s), or perhaps cultivating the know how as a new horse person to bring your future horse into your world when the timing is divine.


Investment per 1 hour lesson: $50

Monthly Sign Up: $175

Ask for a lesson quote for you + your horse at your location

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