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Horse Ally Membership

Being an ally to someone is to give your word to hold a treaty, to be united in kindness, respect and friendship. An alliance forms a connection between two or more souls where all allies in the group agree to be of service to one another and help in the ways they are capable of. As humans, we are meant to connect with others in peace and harmony. Horses also bring forth a connection of trust within their herd, whether it be fellow horses, or humans that are close to them, spending time in their field and offering assistance by keeping watch for predators, leading to the watering hole, or providing forage. When humans and horses create an alliance, both horse and human have gifts to bring forth to one another, healing hearts, building confidence, gaining trust and settling into relaxation. This alliance also spills into our bonds with fellow humans in our circle, cultivating friendships of like minds.

What is granted when becoming a Horse Ally?

Four weekly small group gathering along side our horse allies per month:
With the month's gatherings planned in advance in a rotation of days and times to accommodate different schedules, members are welcome to join as many, or as little dates as they desire. Each container is held for 2 hours outside of Wallaceburg Ontario.

Connecting and bonding with wise equines at liberty:
Offering our equine allies freedom to come and go as they wish as they are able to roam their paddocks and shelters. Trust from horses comes when we give them the opportunity to step into our space when they feel comfortable enough to do so without force. Members are welcome to move around the fence line, walk through the forest, bring a chair to sit in stillness, or all of the above, as humans are also given the liberty to choose where they need to be in this sacred space.

A tea & chat either indoors, or out according to the weather:
Building a further connection with our Human allies, we will settle into a comfortable spot either in my elegant crystal room indoors, or outside soaking up the sun as we sip on your choice of Herbal teas, Organo Gold coffee, or Kangen & R.O water. During this time members are welcome to share their stories and insights, get to know one another on a deeper level, or simply hold space for the group as a fellow ally.

Support over a community forum, or chat:
Outside of our weekly meet ups there will also be a safety net of an online container for current members to stay in touch, share reflections and chat. This may be in the form of a facebook group, or group messenger chat.

What do I need to do to become a Horse Ally?

The readiness to say "Yes!"
This sacred container is available to those who are ready to step into the role of becoming not just a Horse Ally, but also a fellow Human Ally to like minded people. Though we often share similar views and lifestyles, we all have an unique role to play and therefore will have some degrees of variation in personal beliefs. We welcome each other with an open heart and open mind, without judgement and with respect and kindness.

Women 18 and above
For the time being, this group is open to Women that are of legal age to tend to theirself. In the future other opportunities for minors with their parents may be created, or co-ed adults. I presently feel guided to host this collection for Women.

Policies and Agreements:

Group dates are open to approved paying Members only. This does not include family members (ie: bringing your children, spouse, or friend).

If an existing Member is late on their payment, they will be temporarily removed from the online group and once payment for the active month is made, Members are welcome to attend the gatherings and will be re added to the online group.

Payments for the upcoming month must be made by the 29th of the previous month via e transfer, paypal, or cash drop off. If someone is wishing to join mid month, there are no refunds for the dates that have already passed.

Membership can be can be cancelled at any time by attendees, but no refunds are given.

Host has the right to terminate a membership if the host feels the alignment with the member is not beneficial for both parties (ie; disrespect, late payments, complete opposite view points from what the group is all about, harassment etc)

Members are required to let the host know if they are, or are not attending each meet up so the host knows who to expect in each circle.

There is no smoking, alcohol, or any drug use on the property. Bug spray with chemicals is not allowed, as we keep our land as organic as possible.

There is poison ivy located on the property, which can be pointed out to Members, but note that there is a risk of coming into contact with it when venturing through the forest.

A one time liability waiver is requires by all Members to sign before entering the circle.

Policies, prices, dates and activities are subject to change with one month's notice to Members.

Everything in our sessions will be held with privacy. Refrain from speaking other's truths outside of our circles.


Energy Exchange and Investment

This beautiful and sacred Horse Ally Membership is an affordable rate of $50 monthly for a limited time only!

Potential members are asked to fill our the contact form via the button at the bottom of this page. Payment is due by the 29th of the month previous to the month the person wishes to sign up for (example payment is due February 29 to sign up for the month of March). Though it is understandable members may not be able to make every outing, it is encouraged to sign up if you are willing and committed to be part of this allegiance. Members are required to confirm their attendance of each date in respect for the host knowing who to expect for each session. To view the upcoming month's schedule, see below.


April Schedule:

Saturday April 6 at 10 am - 12 pm
Monday April 15 at 3 pm - 5 pm
Tuesday April 23 at 4 pm - 6 pm
Sunday April 28 11 am - 1 pm

May Schedule:

Friday May 17 at 3 pm - 5 pm
Wednesday May 22 at 9 am - 11 am
Sunday May 26 at 10 am - 12 pm
Friday May 31 at 11 am - 1 pm

June onward is currently not booked due to low demand. If you are interested in this circle please contact. If a few Women are wanting to join, we can start it back up! =)

I am honoured to hold space for allies both Horse and Human

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