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Invest in your physical healing and spiritual awakening with a serene Reiki session.

What is Reiki?

The Japanese term Reiki literally translates to "life force energy," which is magick in it's truest form. We all have within ourselves the ability to harness and guide this Divine healing energy with our intentions and love.

The human body has seven major energy centers called Chakras, starting at the base of our spine with our Root Chakra, our Sacral Chakra located just below the navel, Solar Plexus between the rib cage, Heart Chakra in the middle of our chest, Throat Chakra in the center of our neck, Third Eye Chakra between the brows and Crown Chakra at the top of our head.  Each Chakra governs different parts of our body, emotions and senses.

When our body shows symptoms of "dis-ease," it is our higher self letting us know there is something we need to be paying attention to. The Body, Mind and Spirit are connected and must be in balance to allow the deepest healing to take place. Reiki works to remove blockages in our Chakras and restores energy and vitality to heal the Chakra, which in return, heals and awakens our entire being.


Details of a Reiki Healing

Though every practitioner has their own unique ways of giving a Reiki treatment, it all comes back to our intentions. I will tell you a bit about how I give Reiki treatments.

Ideally in a Nature setting on the Earth, the client lays on their back, shoes off and palms up. I begin with grounding our energies into Mother Earth, hovering my hands a few inches above your feet. I move up the 7 major chakras, removing blockages and filling with light, so the body, mind and spirit all flow as one.

I start by cleansing the area and auras of my client and myself with sage. Often I use small crystals placed on, or beside the body and if need be, home made flower essences by yours truly, to assist with healing and activating energies. A drop of flower essence is usually placed on the wrists if client desires.

Reiki is a different experience for each individual and every session is unique. You may feel tingling in your hands and feet during the session, or even get visions, but at the very least, you will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

Reiki treatments can last upwards of 21 days. You may feel light headed (out of this world), tired, or hungry after your session. Take the rest of your day at ease, salt baths are a great way to relax afterwards!

As with other holistic treatments, it can take a few sessions to see further results. I recommend 3 or so treatments over a 1-3 month time period, if one wishes to really delve deep into their healing and awakening process, really getting the ball rolling.

Each client is gifted a small tumbled crystal/stone at the end of their session, to assist them on their current journey.

Grounding outdoor sessions in Nature at The Enchanted Forest are available from mid spring to early autumn.

Though Nature is my preferred location of choice, indoor sessions are available year round at my home in Wallaceburg Ontario Canada.


In Person Reiki Sessions

The Soft Moss Package
30 minute Reiki session
Book three pre paid sessions for $177 (Save $21)


The Delicate Fern Package
60 minute Reiki Session
Book three pre paid sessions for $333 (Save $36)

The Mighty Oak Package
2 hours
60 minute Reiki Session,
Oracle Reading
Intuitive Guidance over Herbal Tea
Visit with Horses

Forest Bathing Experience
Book three pre paid sessions for $555 (Save $100)


Sessions may be held outdoors (weather permitting), or indoors.
Horses, dogs and cats present on the property.
E Transfer, Paypal & Cash accepted.


Online Distance Reiki Sessions

The Firefly Package
15 minute Reiki Session
Book three pre paid sessions for $88 (save $11)


The Dragonfly Package
30 minute Reiki Session
Book three pre paid sessions for $156 (save $22)


The Hummingbird Package
 60 minutes
Oracle Reading

 Intuitive Guidance over Herbal Tea
Book three pre paid sessions for $234 (Save $63)

BYOT - bring your own tea!

Distance sessions done through my website chat.

E Transfer & Paypal accepted.








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Much Love & Gratitude

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