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Grounding & Protection Tips From A Solitary Witch

We are settling now into mid Autumn, the perfect time to ground our energies and protect our Aura. Though Autumn is naturally the time where we gather the last of the harvest and prepare for the long winter ahead, this Autumn we must dig our roots in deep, raise our shields and get ready for what may come in the months ahead. 🍂 Perhaps you are like me and prefer to work on your Spiritual practices alone. Though I can be quite the extrovert at times - when I have the energy for it, I will retreat and seclude myself after gathering with others. I need to take the time and space to replenish my energy and that works best for me when I am alone - and that I find no shame in. There's also just something really magickal and divine with working with just myself in these practices. It is not to say I never reach out to other Witches, as I actually have many connections and even host sacred activation events and retreats - but I find a lot of confidence and strength within myself when I do a lot of the work on my own. Just a bit of my personal experience and view on that. If you've seen my previous post, or know me in general, you know well enough that I am out on the front lines with many others in this war on consciousness - and I am not shy about it. Being among many people at rallies, I easily pick up on their energies and feelings. Though a lot of the energy I feel is a ton of love and is very uplifting, there are those I come across with a more fearful energy. As a prominent Empath, it is easy for me to feel everyone else's emotions, though, it is important not to take them home with me. I can acknowledge those feelings and energies, but I don't need to become them, as they are not mine. Regardless of where you are at this time, I bet you also are feeling the energies of others while you are out at the grocery store - or even on social media. With emotions and energies running extremely high this year, it is very important to take the time to ground - as frequently as possible, with also making sure to protect our Aura. I will share with you some practices I use to ground and protect myself, practices that I am coming back to more often during this time.

• Feel the Embrace of Mother Earth. Just this morning, my energy felt very flighty and ungrounded with having a lot on my plate today. As a Pisces Sun, Moon and North Node, I tend to often be all up in the Ethers. Wanting to bring myself back down to reality and release anxiety, I realized I needed to ask Mother Earth to help me ground my vibration. Laying on the ground, or somewhere comfortable (I went with bed option), take in deep long breaths. Exhaling, allowing the body and muscles to slowly relax one area at a time. Begin to feel as though you are sinking through the Earth. I asked my Guides to be with me and help me to ground. I felt them all around me, assisting my descend into Mother Earth. I sunk deeper with every out breath, lower and lower, until I reached the Earth's core. Here I felt Gaia hold me, wrapping roots and moss around my body - like a weighted blanket, keeping me safe, comforted and secure. I laid in this energy for some time and when I came out, I felt much more grounded and protected. • Standing Strong Yoga Poses. Gain stability in the Root Chakra with Yoga poses that challenge and strengthen the legs. Poses such as Warrior 1, 2 will provide a wide and strong stance for grounding. A pose such as Tree and Warrior 3 will push us to gain balance through our Root Chakra. Holding these poses while maintaining a steady and full breath flow will help bring much needed oxygen to our body and mind, allowing us to continue holding these poses. Note - you know your body. Listen to yourself and know your limits when practicing Yoga. Root Vegetables for the Root Chakra. Nature has a brilliant way of telling us what we need for different parts of our body. It seems obvious that root vegetables will literally feed our Root Chakra. Root vegetables like beets, sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots will bring much needed nutrients and grounding energy to our bodies. Mother Nature lets us know what foods are beneficial to us during different times of the year, when the food is ripe, it is ready to give us the nutrients it provides. I tend to eat lighter in the summer, more high vibe fruits and greens. In the colder months, I eat more root vegetables and beans etc. Though we are all unique, we must remember to listen to our body, for it will let us know what we need.

• Crystals & Stones are our Friends.

I pretty much always have a dark coloured crystal, or stone on my meat suit. Black, brown, gray and red crystals and stones will assist the Root Chakra in different ways, many offer grounding and protection properties. Though all crystals and stones offer a variety of physical and emotional healing properties, sere are some of my favourites to have handy are Shungite, Root Fossil, Smokey Quartz, Obsidian, Tourmaline, Black Kyanite and Hematite. When looking for a crystal, or stone to assist you with grounding and protection, let your Intuition guide you, for your inner self knows what you need. We are often drawn to what will be of assistance at the time. Use Shungite on your phone and person to ground and protect against EMF radiation, Tourmaline under your bed, or in the four corners of your home to banish negative energies and Smokey Quartz in your bath and drinking water (safe for consumption - research before doing this with any other crystals and stones). It's always great to have a friend close by!

Lightworker Protection Bubble. Our intentions are the blue prints of our magick. Hold strong intentions of breathing in pure Divine light through the top of your crown and as you breathe out, imagine this light shooting through your entire body and out your hands. Vision a bubble of protection around yourself, your loved ones, your properties. You can do this in your mind's eye, or draw your arms up and over yourself as you put your bubble around the subject, then fill the bubble with this light. Again, it comes down to intention. However you'd like to imagine it is fine, as long as your intentions and feelings are pure. I protect myself at least once daily, as well as my family, animals and properties. A great tool to use when going out of the house, traveling in a vehicle/plane, or whenever you may feel vulnerable, or unsafe. Note - I am always sure to do a full bubble and not just a dome, to be sure to protect from all angles. Invisibility Cloak - Waaa? Yes, this is a thing. Just like we create Protection Bubbles, we can also put on an Invisibility Cloak to help shield us from any negative entities that mean to cause us harm. Holding that intention, wrap your Invisibility Cloak around yourself, family, friends, home, whoever and whatever you wish to protect. Now excuse me while I get into my Samhain Costume and put on my Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak.🧙‍♂️ Palo Santo for Psychic Protection. Psychic Attacks are a real thing for all of us, whether we realize what is going on at the time, or not. Dark forces feed off our negative thoughts and feelings, planting seeds of fear within our minds. Smudging our Aura and our environment with Palo Santo will help remove those negative entities and protect our Spirit, as well as Physical property. Smudge whenever you feel the need to and hold your intentions of banishing any unwanted malevolent entities and allowing room for only energies of pure unconditional Love and Light to be present. Call on your Spirit Guides & Angels. We are not alone in our struggles and on our journey. Whether we can feel them, or not, or even know who they are, we all have Spirit Guides, Angels and other beings in the Ethers that are here to help us. Humans do have free will, therefore these entities are not allowed to help us, unless we ask for it. Many times, they are awaiting us to call out for them, whether we speak it aloud, or in our heart, they can hear and feel us. If you are unaware of who your Spirit Guides are, or do not know who to ask for help, I suggest taking some time to feel if you are drawn to any specific cultures, Deities, or even ancestors in your family - regardless of if you have ever met them in this life time. We are drawn to them for a reason, for they are here for us and we can reach out to them. Of course, there are many ways to ground our energy and protect ourselves, but those are a few tips that came to my mind to share with you all on this beautiful October New Moon. For as we approach the day where the veil between worlds is the thinnest, we set our intentions of staying grounded and protected through this upcoming dark season, as there is Light at the end of the tunnel, brighter than any has ever seen before. And for those who made it to the end of this New Moon blog post, a special Samhain surprise to you all 🌙

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Moon Root Fossil. To ground our energies, bringing forth stability and security. Palo Santo Smudge. Burn in your home and around your Aura to cleanse away unwanted negative energies and to protect from Psychic Attacks. Carnelian Stone. A self cleansing stone, adding strength and balancing energies. All you have to do to is be signed up to my mailing list to enter, for those who have previously signed up, you are already automatically entered! And bonus, shipping is on me, anywhere in the World! I have set the intention that this will go out to the Soul who needs it the most right now. This giveaway contest ends on, you guessed it, Samhain, where I will draw the winner out of a hat, posting the announcement in my next blog post. Follow this link to my home page where you can subscribe to my mailing list (scroll down a little ways). Everyone signed up will get notifications of new blog posts, which will ensure you will be notified upon the announcement of the winner. If the winner has not replied to claim their prize within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn. *Note, be sure to sign up for the mailing list, not subscribe to the website - those are two different things. But also, feel free to subscribe to the website, that gives you the option to leave comments here! 😉

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