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How Our Collective Consciousness Can Accelerate The Great Awakening

Our Consciousness can change and create our own reality and our Collective Consciousness can change and create the entire World's reality! Have you maybe been feeling depressed, scared, like all hope is lost? Know you are not alone in feeling this way and more importantly - you have the power to help create a new Utopian timeline! 2020 sure has been an eye opener. 2020 vision, a year where truths come forth. And with breakthroughs of truth usually comes darkness trying to snuff out the light. In Nature, things tend to get worse before they get better. Humanity needs to be shaken to be awakened. The Great Awakening has been predicted in many cultures throughout history and though the date tends to vary - many believing 2012 would be the turning point. Whether 2012 was the beginning of the new gateway to the age of Aquarius, or if the calendar was slightly misread, which some believe and that December 21 2020 is actually December 21 2012, we are living in the most profound time in the Earth's history. I have felt the subtle shifts since 2012, but I feel deeply the massive shifts that have been happening this year of 2020 - I think most of us have. I believe that over the past 8 or so years that enough of us have elevated our consciousness to a level that has given humanity a huge push and jump on The Great Awakening path. I always knew something like this was going to go down in my life time, I just thought it would be in ten, or twenty years from now. I did not expect it to be this sudden - but I am so excited and grateful that this is happening now, we are accelerating The Great Awakening! We are moving from a 3D consciousness reality, through 4D (where we start questioning things and seeing the truths - aka 'conspiracy land' - not a bad thing) and into a 5D reality, the beginning of a new Golden Age. Many sources state the ages being roughly a 26 000 year cycle, stating we have come to the end of the age of Pisces and are entering the age of Aquarius. A time where humanity awakens to the truth of who we are and the truths of our world. A time where the old world is dismantled, where dark is turned to light to bring forth the Utopian world that the prophecies foretold. So during the storm, we need to learn how not just to keep our head above water, but to rise above the raging waves, raising our vibrations, elevating our consciousness to claim our truth and claim our power as co creators of this Universe. Does this mean we have to stay in a 5D high vibe state of being 24/7 right now? Absolutely not. There are benefits in coming down to 3D at times, especially if we need to ground ourselves in this reality to protect ourselves from spiritual and psychic attacks. While if we need to protect our physical being, raising our vibration into a 5D state will help keep prevent physical attacks. Here are some things that I practice to help raise my vibration, not only for myself, but for the collective. - "Observe, don't Absorb, Respond, don't React." One of my favourite mantras and one I use often. We are Humans and Humans are very emotional creatures, even more so than many Spiritual beings that have never had the privilege of incarnating into a Human body. However, our hyper active emotions also give us the ability to love to extremes. We often act on our emotions when we are feeling attacked about something we deeply care about. Two people with opposing opinions on a topic about our well being can be yelling at each other to try to wake the other up to see things from their view - but both be holding intentions of care for this world and all in it. If for example we are in a similar situation, by stepping back and observing the situation, rather than absorbing the intense energies happening around us, we see what is going on from a third point of view. Not allowing our emotions to take the wheel and feel attacked by another's words, we can view the situation from an outsider's perspective to gain clarity and gather our emotions, grounding our energy, so we can further then respond with love and kindness - without reacting out of our ego and strong emotions. - Seeing each other as One. When we know the truth within ourselves that we are all expressions of one consciousness, we start seeing each other as our brothers and sisters, another reflection of God, Creator. Instead of looking at someone with a different opinion (and who may be acting harshly) as being separate from us, start to see that person as our family, as another version of ourself, living a unique experience in a different incarnation. We are all God, we are all Creators, coming from the same source, that of pure light and unconditional love. Everyone is on their own unique path and at different stages of enlightenment/evolution/karmic cycle and when we see each as another version of who we are, instead of a foreign stranger, we unite as One. - Visualize it, Feel it, Amplify it. Meditate - daily if possible, for a few minutes, 20 minutes, or an hour. Of course, the more time we set aside for Meditation the better, but know that every moment of bringing ourselves into a meditative state helps bring us closer to our truth, elevate our conscious levels and of course, quicken our process of ascension on a World wide and Universal level. I like to start with myself. Grounding my energy, relaxing my body, quieting my mind, so I am in a good place vibration wise, before I start focusing on the collective. I then visualize the reality I want - a world where everyone is free, in unity, acting in kindness and unconditional love. Healing the planet, each other and ourselves. A world where love is most prominent in all. I feel this love and Utopian reality within me and then I amplify it outwards. I see this wave of love covering my home, community, country, the entire world. I see the love shining bright from the Earth and into the Universe. I see the wave reaching the darkest parts of the planet and filling the caverns and dark hearts with light. The more often we visualize what we want, feel it and amplify it, the faster we will guide this world into the bright reality we are destined to step into.

- "Om Namo Narayani" Another one of my most cherished mantras, Sanskrit for "I surrender to the Divine (Mother)." When we feel worried, unsure, living in a low vibration of fear and "what if's" we can start creating that which we do not want in our life, even if we don't intentionally try to. By releasing our fears of the unknown, surrendering and putting our trust in the Divine, we open up the door way of our path, allowing alignment of our truth and purpose. Letting go and trusting the Universe to guide the way. - Spread a little Love and spread it everywhere! A smile often goes a long ways, wouldn't you agree? By no means do you need to wear yourself thin by spreading Love to others, but sprinkling even a light dusting can create a butterfly effect that ripples into a new time line. Throughout the day, every day, smile to the person you just walked by, blow a kiss to that cute puppy with his head out the window, gaze into the beauty of a flower, hug a loved one a little longer than usual. Even if you see someone having a bad day, you can send them love. Just use your intentions, feel the love in your heart and imagine sending your love to them, into their heart. Mind you, if you are wanting to do more energy work than just sending them love, it is best to ask them, or their higher self for permission before performing energy work on someone. Those with a decently awakened intuition are able to feel/see/hear/sense said person's higher self for a true answer. This is a technique we can practice with friends, with their permission. - Protect your Aura Defense tools to protect one's self from physical and psychic attacks are here for us to use, I try to make a point to do protection spells more. A protection spell can be quite simple. For instance, use your intention and feelings to form a bubble of white protective light around you, your loved ones and your home. You can use your hand and push the light out of your palms, or your third eye. You can use crystals such as black tourmaline, shungite and smokey quartz to aid in repelling negative energies and enhancing protection. Smudging with sage and cedar will also keep your Aura and home's energies clear and positive. I always protect myself, my loved ones/animals and my properties every night, as well as use other tools through the day to protect myself. Remember that the higher we vibe, the greater a threat we can be to the darkness and can be prone to more attacks. It is a good idea to keep up with a regular protection practice. - Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude. Gratitude is everything, I cannot say it enough. Feeling grateful for all we have and for all that is to come is an important, yet easy way to raise our vibrations, as in return reflect into the World's vibrations. Taking time for a Gratitude practice on a daily basis will not only attract that of what we want, it will also pull us into a loving frequency and creates peace within ourselves. And of course, being grateful puts us in a state of positivity, so when you are feeling down and doubtful, try a Gratitude practice and really feel the love of what you are grateful for, it is bound to lift your Spirits! Raising our Collective Conscious is already proving to create a better world, the more time we take to drop into an elevated 5D vibration of love, the quicker we will accelerate The Great Awakening. For the snowball has already started down the hill - there's no stopping it now. It is always darkest before the dawn, but after the night comes the light of day.

The sun will rise again, this time brighter than ever before. Much love and many blessings Laura Myers Guiding Humanity back to Nature, Calling Souls to Awaken

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