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Mummas, It's Time To Bloom

Yes Mumma, I'm talking to you. The Mumma who has been feeling drained. The Mumma who always puts her child(ren) first. The Mumma who isn't getting enough sleep. The Mumma who runs off multiple cups of coffee per day. The Mumma who feels as though she lost herself after becoming a Mother. I see you, for I am you, to an extent anyways. Every Woman's experience in Motherhood is unique, as we all have our individual path in life. But, there are many similarities with what comes with being a Mother in today's world and this particular society. It isn't easy. Nope. Not one bit. Often times us Mummas are taking care of a house, working a part time, or full time job, running kids to school, activities, attempting to make three meals a day, waking up multiple times a night to tend to our babies.. the list goes on.. and seems to get longer every day. One thing we are missing is our Tribe. It truly does take a villiage to raise a child, but where is the villiage? Many Mothers find their self alone in the journey of Motherhood and overwhelmed with so many responsibilities that their own self care and well being takes the back burner. It is time to find our Tribe. It's time to Bloom.

Though I can be quite extroverted, I have always been one to go at things on my own. In a previous relationship I felt alone in many ways. I would do things I enjoyed on my own, because my partner at that time wanted nothing to do with what I loved doing. I became quite independent in many ways and though I would see friends at concerts and other outings, I would spend a lot of time by myself. I did come to enjoy this, but as time went on, I noticed how secluded I have become. Having a daughter with my current partner who is extremely supportive and loves doing many things I enjoy with me, I am seeing how closed off I am. After having my daughter 16 months ago, I hibernated big time. This I do feel was needed for a while, but after around her full year on Earth, I began to shift. From day one of having my daughter, I have been extremely lucky to have the support of my partner raising her. He has been here for me through it all and gives me time and encouragement to take care of myself. However, in the beginning, I didn't want to leave her. I remember being 7 weeks postpartum and my partner suggested I go for a walk in our back woods by myself. I didn't want to. But I did. I was only gone 15 minutes and it was a much needed 15 minutes of alone time for myself. Months passed and on occasion I would reach out to a friend, here and there I would see someone in person for a short amount of time, but I was still quite secluded and not feeling up to connecting with others. My partner being a social butterfly and part of a Men's circle again encouraged me to reach out to Women and other Mothers. I decided to step out of my comfort cave and venture into the wilderness, calling out for my Tribe. I messaged my friend Michelle. Though we have not seen each other in a few years, we were talking not long ago about our vehicles. Funny enough, Michelle was looking to sell her RV to get a car for every day travel, while my partner and I were pondering how we could trade in our car to get an RV for traveling. This trade did not work out, however, my connection with Michelle continued. I asked Michelle if she would like to host an event together this coming spring and she was totally down for it! We had a video call to chat about what we would offer at this time and the topic of Motherhood came up. With Michelle having the experience of raising children and even being a Grandmother, Michelle brings in Mother and Crone energy and wisdom, while I am a newer Mother, just coming out of my Maiden phase and navigating these uncharted waters. Together we birthed Sacred Mother's Bloom. A day retreat at The Enchanted Forest in Wallaceburg for local Mummas to have the time and space to bloom into their authentic self.

Michelle writes: "Hello you Beautiful Human. I want you to know that I have been where you are. Tired, frazzled, buried in laundry and trying to maintain some sort of semblance in a home with three children, all while working a full time job! It’s wasn’t easy! You know what was easy for me? Losing my sense of self. Forgetting my own value and spending all of my energy, time and money on everyone else except me! I quite often felt alone and isolated. Trying to muddle through all of the “things” on my own. If only I had a group of women to confide in…not complain to…but women I could trust and who got it and offered guidance as I maneuvered my way through motherhood. This is where Lora and I come in. The Mother and the Crone, joining forces and holding space for you to tap into that inner genius that is hovering at the surface of your skin, waiting to be expressed as the strong, confident and radiant Mother, Woman, Partner and HUMAN you came here to be. This is the call from the Villiage to Mummas looking for their Tribe. We are here with open arms ready to bring you into a safe space and support you in the ways we can. We are here to guide you and offer you tools to help reawaken your truth of who you are and assist you with finding the time to give yourself what you need, not just as a Mother, but as a Woman. For you are more than just a Mother, you are a being of Divine light and love who's creativity deserves to be seen." If you have been asking for help, or asking to find your Tribe, this is the sign you have been looking for. Join us May 26 from 10am - 2pm for a day of connection and rejuvenation. Find out more information on this uplifting event and secure your space here And for Mummas needing some extra energy and care, I am offering 20% off Reiki sessions during the month of April, either online, or in person at The Enchanted Forest in Wallaceburg. Click here to view Reiki packages and book your much needed session.

To look into more of Michelle's offerings, click here

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