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New Moon Spiritual Self Care Ritual Challenge

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Have you been waiting for a sign to get your butt into gear with your Spiritual Self Care routine? Here's your sign! Unlock the door to your full potential and set goals for this New Moon cycle.

Lately, I have noticed my Spiritual Self Care routine going out the window. Mind you, I do not feel I, or anyone needs to be on top of every single thing every single day. We all have better and worse days. Days where we can do a lot more in regards to being productive in the Self Care and Spiritual Practices area and days where we may struggle a bit to get in that daily Meditation, or morning Yoga flow. Know that it is okay for days to fluctuate, but consistency can does help us improve in our Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual health. Having a Spiritual Self Care routine every day, regardless of how long it is, or what all you decide to add into it is a great goal to work towards. Many of us Lightworkers have quite the jobs right now fighting in this Spiritual and Physical war and this is a reminder to take care of yourself. If you do not put yourself first, who will? Remember we cannot run on empty, we must re charge our batteries so we can continue to help others. When we take time for a Spiritual Self Care routine, it not only benefits ourself, but the entire collective.

But don't just make it a routine, make it a Ritual!

A Ritual is a sacred sequence of a variety of activities, involving gestures, actions, or magickal objects etc. Our intentions play an enormous role in our Rituals, so keep those in mind when practicing. The space we perform our Rituals should also be clean and cozy. Below is my Spiritual Routine that I practice every morning - or at least, it's my goal to work in all these areas every morning. Feel free to use some of these as a template to build your own Spiritual Self Care Ritual, or incorporate your own ideas and practices into an unique routine that works best for you!

Breath Work I start every morning with Wim Hof Mehod breath work. Best to do on an empty stomach, I stumble my way downstairs around 5am, make my way over to my yoga mat, turn on some lovely ambient frequency music and begin three rounds of breathing and breath holds. This practice is fantastic not only for the physical body, boosting the immune system, bringing oxygen where it is needed, but it also opens up Intuition. While in the breath holds, my body deeply relaxes and I go into a meditative state. Being in this state allows me to maintain my breath hold for longer periods of time. I feel a huge difference in my energy levels and my breathing after doing this practice. Yoga After I finish Breath Work, I move onto one of my favourite practices, Yoga! My Yoga flows tend to vary day to day. On my lower energy days, I will spend more time in sitting and laying down Yin poses, allowing my body to release any tension and stress and be in the present moment. Other days I feel a Hatha flow energizes my vibration and gets me feeling good physically and mentally. Then there are days where it is difficult for me to do anything and I tell myself, "Even one, or two poses is enough for today." Better something, than nothing. Meditation Being one of the most important practices to me, I drop into Meditation every morning after my Yoga flow. Again, depending on the day, I might meditate ten minutes, thirty minutes, or two minutes. Though I strive for the thirty minute mark, as I often come across the Zen proverb: "You should sit in meditation for a half hour a day, unless you are too busy. Then you should sit for an hour." I may do my Meditation in complete quietness, put on some 528hz/741hz (etc) to help me quiet my monkey mind, or find a pre recorded Guided Meditation to assist me with whatever I'm needing help with at the time. Gratitude I often mention the importance of Gratitude and I have done quite well with nailing this practice on a daily basis for a long while now. I personally do my Gratitude practice while I am in the shower. Having my Sun, Moon and North Node all in Pisces, showers are a Ritual all on their own for me (should I add a section just for showers? Probably. Read below for more details on how showers can be a very healing part of our daily routine). I take the time to think of what I am grateful for and really feel the love and appreciation for all in my life. I'll even drop into Gratitude prayer multiple times through the day, any time it crosses my mind, really.

Water Water Water Back to showers! Long showers for me are a necessity. Cleansing away negative energies, water washing down the body is such a refreshing and revitalizing feeling! I visualize any feelings of pain, whether it be emotional, or physical, rinsing down the drain, as I gain clarity from the healing water. Keep in mind, blessing the water we work with is highly suggested, for when we treat our tools (especially those that are Organic life) with with love and respect, those vibrations are reflected back at us. Blessing our drinking water is also great to add to your daily routine when making sure you are hydrated! Send loving vibrations into the water with your intentions and it will be. Vitamins These days, we can often eat healthy foods til the cows come home, but the nutrition just isn't there like it once was. I highly recommend getting a hair analysis done if you are able to, in order to determine what you are low in, or in need of detoxing and cleansing and working with a Nutritionist to find what exactly you need for your well being. Consistency is key again here with taking Vitamins. This is one I struggle on. I have many things I take myself, such as Omega 3s, Vitamin D, Bee's Bread, Heart Drops, Plankton, Glucosamine.. just to name a few. Some I have in liquid form, but many are in pills and I often have a difficult time pushing myself to down it all. But, I tell myself "Hey now, get your vitamins down with that tall glass of water, then you can treat yourself tooo..."

Organo Reishi Coffee! That is my treat for getting through most of my morning Spiritual Self Care Ritual! Coffee is the one thing I really don't wish to give up, so I decided to invest in a healthier coffee. Organo is the brand I am addicted to, an extremely delicious, dark instant coffee with the healing benefits of Reishi mushrooms. I have a bit of a break with my coffee, usually wandering over to my computer by now. Perhaps if you are like me and want to keep your friend coffee around, maybe it is time to look into a healthier coffee option - and use it as a reward for all your hard work! Walk Dogs Movement uplifts our spirits, improves blood flow, works our muscles and so much more. I kill two birds with one stone on daily walks with my two Siberian Huskies, Lucian and Crovax. I find having my animal companions push me to get out some days very beneficial for my overall health. If I was alone, it would be more difficult for me to lug myself outdoors, especially on cold days. But when my boys are expecting and ready, I get out and moving about much more often. Even if you don't have a dog, pretend you do and go walk that dog every morning (or sometime during the day). Work Out Not every single day, but many days a week I make time for a work out routine. My physical health has gone downhill the past few years and I really need to kick my butt into gear to re build my strength. Though it often is hard for me to get through the goals I set for my Work Out routine, I remind myself the benefits of pushing through the pain (though not too much pain - know your limits, please listen to your body and work with a trainer if you do not know what you are doing) and feel that burn!

And when it's all said and done, I am PROUD of myself for what I accomplished. Whether I did my whole Spiritual Self Care Ritual, or I manged to do a bit of one of two things, I pat myself on the back every time for my efforts. So don't beat yourself up for not following through 100% every single day, but set those goals and try your hardest every day to do as much that you can for your Spiritual Self Care. If this post resonates with you, start building your own Spiritual Self Care Ritual. I challenge those who feel the call to push yourself as much as you can for the next 30 days. After 30 days of repetition, we start to program new patterns, which in return, become easier to keep up with. Whether you make time in the morning, afternoon, or evening, set your intentions this New Moon and start creating and manifesting the life you want. Your Spiritual Self Care Ritual will help you get to where you need to be. Much love and many Blessings. Laura

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