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Soulcations, Unplugging & Finding Balance

You have the power to change your life. Only you have the control over how you live your life and what you choose to do with the time you have. There may be some difficult choices and obstacles ahead of you, but know that you have the power and ability to create your reality. Do something different. Change things up. Try that one thing you have always wanted to do, but have been too scared. Fuck fear right in the face and make that first move towards what you really want. Release old patterns and make way for the new! Easier said than done, eh? Lately I noticed that I have been putting a lot of expectations on myself. Telling myself silly things like "I have to protest for our freedom every Saturday, if I don't, others will disrespect me for not fulfilling my duties with what I said I would do" - not to mention, I felt that way about myself, as well. I often tend to put my expectations around numbers. "I have to do this on this type of date, or only one of this a month. Or do that every morning, or every Wednesday." I need some structure in my life to ensure I get things done, but I was beginning to feel too confined with so many "have to's" that I decided I needed to break things up a bit - er, a lot. I needed a Soulcation (a vacation for the soul and yes, I just made that word up right now), to disconnect from the intense energies going on in our world right now and reconnect with my true self and align with my path and purpose. Right away, I noticed I was already planning my Soulcation with more structure than I originally intended, telling others I was taking a month off and immediately thinking "That means July 1 - August 1, I have to stick to those numbers." Followed by thinking "This is defeating the purpose of what I am trying to do." So I took back my words of my exact date confirmations (trying to be courteous and let friends and clients know when they can get a hold of me on social media again) and re worded it to "Sometime in August, or whenever I feel like it." Wow - did that ever feel good to say! To not have any specific date confirmed - no expectations for myself, or giving others a reason to expect me back at a certain date. Damn, that felt amazing! This was a step towards breaking old patterns during my Soulcation. During this time, I wanted to give myself room to go with the flow (like the running river), taking time to work on my Spiritual growth and see where I end up, with no expectations of any specific outcome by any specific date. This was the perfect time to delve further into my Yoga Teacher Training, which I flew through in early July and only have about 10% left to finish. My goal was to get about 40% in by the end of July and I ended up at 90% completion in only the first week of the month. I had a goal, but no expectations - and I surpassed my goal by far! Taking more time to drop into yoga flows and meditation practices, I began to further enjoy time with myself and the serenity of being offline. Challenging myself in new ways, such as taking time to practice hand stands - balancing Asanas being my favourite - which also bring balance into the spiritual and emotional, not just the physical.

Background music is Peia "Machi" which I do not own the rights to, or make any money off of using. Please support the artist here: Pushing myself a little further, almost daring myself to do that thing I've always wanted to do, but haven't done it out of fear... I did it! I shaved the side of my head. Now, that may not seem like a huge deal to many of you - and it doesn't have to, but it was for me. This was something I had wanted to do since I was 14, but always had a fear of "What if I don't like it?" or "It will take forever to grow out and be a pain, it's not worth it!." And here I am, at 32, finally grew some balls and did the thing! I felt a shift and transformation at this time. A letting go of ego and fear and a welcoming of my power and truth. It isn't the easiest to put into words, but the vibrations through me have changed and doing that thing helped me break through a wall of fear to create the change that was needed - and the change I feel is still occuring within me. Reminder: Rome wasn't built in a day and nobody achieves Rainbow body in a month(ish) ;p As July went on, I noticed a lot more signs in regards to coming into balance. Some of those signs were little, like noticing I intuitively have been wearing a lot of black and white together, balancing with contrast. Some, however, were much more significant and noticeable - in my face. I headed North of the Wall (I usually say the Wall starts around Gravenhurst, but I think we're gonna need to move it further North soon xD) to see my best friend, Jen for a few days late July. The drive was smooth sailing, no traffic jams and was a beautiful day with gorgeous views as I drove further into the Canadian wilderness and away from the condensed south western Ontario civilization. My time there was short and sweet, but when I stopped for gas in Huntsville on my way home, I had such a beautiful and profound sign show up for me. While pumping gas, I thought to myself "What's there to look at around here?" - I know that sounds like a bland statement, but I was thinking that in the sense of wanting to enjoy the beautiful Northern scenery while I was still in it. I turned my gaze to the edge of the parking lot just on the other side of my vehicle and within a moment later, a crow gently glided down and stood on the pavement. I spoke to him under my breath and sent him light (crows are my friends). After doing so, a seagull came in and hovered above the crow. Black and white, with white being on top and black underneath, I immediately thought "As above, so below." Balance. Grounding with Mother Earth and connecting to the Divine. Right after those thoughts, another crow and seagull came in, two dark, two light, all flying together. Was a lovely sight and blessing to be given these messages from spirit - which I am still reflecting on. You know, that whole Rome thing I mentioned earlier. The way there, however, I stopped at a friend and mentor's (Vanessa Marie Dewsbury - look for her website at the bottom of this post) for a Reiki session - which ended up feeling like a leveling up session. She saw white horses circling in a type of pattern, with one black horse. Again with the whole black and white/balance thing. I also happened to be wearing a lot of black and white that day. Fast forward to a card reading I gave myself before I packed up to head home - the first card that flipped out was the Horse card, confirming earlier signs and messages and bringing me further guidance. During my drive home, I had some epiphanies paired with strong emotions while listening to albums I hadn't fully listened to since I was a teenager. Words I sang over and over years ago had a whole new meaning. This topic deserves it's own entire post - or likely video, so I'll save that story for another time. But point being, I had a lot of shifts during this time, aligning me to where I need to be. It felt really interesting, to say the least. After a few days being back home, I felt I could start coming back onto social media - but only to an extent. I no longer will allow it to consume me, or be a priority. I constantly remind my friend and clients to contact me through my website, or email with anything that needs a prompt reply. I won't say I will be on Facebook only an hour a day, or only check messages in the evenings, or even only be on one specific day a week. I will log on if and when I feel like it, as I have control over my own life. Many other changes have been felt within as well, like a flower blooming and opening up to it's truest form.

For those looking for ideas of how to work on your spiritual self during your own Soulcation, here are some of the things I ended up doing and suggest others to try if it resonates with them: - Unplugging. Going off all social media for a month + and upon my return, deciding not to log on as often, making social media a non priority. Spending more time in Nature, than on a device. - Surrender to what I need. Using the mantra "Om Namo Narayani" - Sanskrit for "I surrender to the Divine (Mother)." Letting go of any expectations I hold for myself, or feel that others hold for me. - Creating a new, loose morning routine for my own spiritual, emotional and physical health. Pushing myself to make my needs a priority, but not beating myself up for not doing everything every single day and instead, being proud of myself for every small bit of productivity. Every little step counts! - Making time for nothing. Really. Set aside a couple hours, or an entire day to have no plans, or expectations. See where your heart leads you, as your higher self guides you. Whether it be a reflective meditation, or an inspiring nature walk, you know what you need and this is the time to honour that. - Doing that thing that I always put off because I thought "what if." Well, now is the perfect time to take that leap! Though I took just over a month off for my "Soulcation." I do not feel as though my Soulcation is over, yet (but hey, is it ever REALLY over?). I still need and want more time. Even planning a trip away in Nature, secluded with just myself. Really unplugging from everything around me to go within, dive deep into the facets of my own being and reflect on where I need to go from here. Again, with no expectations, allowing myself to truly let go of which no longer serves me and evoke my power and align with my purpose. This Soulcation inspired me to get back into creating some day events to share these experiences with others. I bring to you, Sacred Sisters Unplugged: A day retreat at The Enchanted Forest for a group of Women to disconnect from the stresses of modern society and reconnect with Mother Nature and evoke our Wild Woman within! Though I do recommend to take more time for your own Soulcation (you will know how long you need, I am not here to tell you what to do, just to give suggestions to help others on your path), this day will be packed full of magick and healing, grounding our energies and connecting with the divine. You don't need mine, or anyone else's permission to give yourself the time you need, for whatever it is you need. This is your sign to gift yourself the time for growth, healing and serenity. You are most definitely deserving, I promise you this. Believe in yourself, for you M'dear can do anything you set your vibrations to. For more information and to sign up for Sacred Sisters Unplugged (September 2 2020 Wallaceburg Ontario Canada), visit

Guiding Humanity back to Nautre,

Calling Souls to Awaken.

Laura Myers

Reiki Master, Oracle & Intuitive Guide

(And soon to be Yoga Teacher, w00p!)

Photo by Jennifer Harasymchuck Hair cut and colour by Ashley Glazier Hair styling by Heather Martin Editing by yours truly Vanessa Marie Dewsbury: Reiki Master & Spiritual Guide

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