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How do we truly give back to our Mothers?

How do we ever truly give back to our Mothers?

For our Mothers gave us life, nurtured us, raised us and dedicated her life to us. Our Mothers put her children first, they love us unconditionally, more than they could love any other soul. Can we really truly give to our Mothers what our Mothers have given to us? There are many ways we can give back to our Mothers. We can be with her this Mother's day, whether it is in person, over the phone, or even in Spirit. We can bring her on a beautiful Nature walk, or simply sit and have tea together. I don't believe my mother expects the World from me, but she deserves the World. Every moment we give ourselves to our Mother is a gift to her, regardless of what we are doing, or how much we are spending. The most precious gift you can give your Mother, is your time. The greatest gift is to remind your Mother how much you love her.

I love you so much, Mum and I am forever grateful for everything you have done for me and everything you will continue to do for me. I am so lucky to be your daughter. You have always been there for me and I will always be there for you. Thanks for being my Mum.

If you'd like to gift your Mother a little something special, I am offering Oracle readings for only $11 (half price) if purchased this day. All I need is your Mother's name and when she contacts me, I will do her reading.

To all the Mothers out there - fur Mums, too, Happy Mother's Day and much love to you.

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