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Mother Nature is Calling Us Home

Yesterday evening, I noticed my Lilac bush was starting to flower. Stepping towards the bush, I stuck my nose right in the flowers and took a few long, deep breaths in, embracing the sweet floral scent of Spring. In this moment, I felt total joy and peace.

There has been a lot going on in today's World and though it is extremely important to know and understand the deceptions and truths, it is equally important to know and understand the truth of who we are. As a truth seeker, spending time researching many sides to what is going on is something I need to do, but I began to feel off balance. Lately, I have been retreating a bit further into the Natural World, to find the truth of who I am. Mother Nature is here for us. She comforts us with her grounding energy, she heals us with her plants. She speaks to us when the wind whistles through the trees and cleanses us with her briny seas. As we pay attention to the signs around us, we start to decode and understand the messages. I have been receiving a lot of signs from Mother Nature lately, often in the form of animals.

Since moving into our new home a couple months ago, my yard is always full of rabbits. Backing onto a forest, they love to spend time in our large yard, eating dandelions and basking in the sunshine. It is amazing to see them on a daily basis.

A very profound sign came to me a few days ago while driving to drop off some crystal orders. To my right in a tree sat a Snowy Owl, followed secondly by a hawk soaring to my left, then a heron flying above me, with a black bird crossing in front of me. All within 30 seconds or less. What a blessing! Prior to that, I rescued an injured baby raccoon and luckily reunited the rest of the litter with their Mum. The injured female I named Flower, went to a local wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center to get the proper care she needed to heal. And then I almost ended up with a possibly 7 other babies to raise, but they have all been taken care of, either back with their Mum, or by another care taker. Plus we have two Mama Coons with litters in the barn as well! Within a couple days after the raccoon rescue, a friend showed up at my place with two baby kittens - and then a couple days after that, a third! We have been co parenting these sweet ones for almost two weeks and they have been such a joy and blessing! My heart is so full when I am with them. My thoughts positive, emotions level, they bring me such inner peace and unconditional love.

And this has been the best medicine for me lately.

My focus has shifted from looking for the truth of what is going on in our unwell society out there, to connecting with the truth of who I am from a Natural and Spiritual stand point. Going within to see how all living things are related, as we all come from the same source of energy. We are individual droplets of an Ocean of collective consciousness. When we go back to source, we return to our Oneness.

We can reconnect with our truth, our organic self, by deepening our connection with Mother Nature. Whether we head into the forest to visit with the ancient tree spirits, listen to the lively songs of the birds and the hidden wisdom in the wind, talk to the wild animals, plants, or Fae. Or, simply lie on the Earth, feeling the heart beat of our Mother and embodying the grounding, healing energy she gives to us. Taking the time to disconnect from technology, release fears and doubts and be present in the Now.

Spending time with my animals, the plant world and yes - even the Fae, has been my inspiration to be more positive, to raise my vibration, to balance my energies and to continue my path of spiritual awakening. Putting my time and energy where it best serves me, so I am able to best serve others. Helping to create a brighter World.

Mother Nature is calling me home. She is helping me find my way back to myself. To realize where I need to put my focus and what I need to do to further my awakening, open my intuition and gain spiritual wisdom. I can sense the changes all around me, as well as within me. A new Awakening chapter of this journey called life.

All the while, feeling comforted by the warm breeze, soft grass, tall oaks, precious kittens and the sweet floral scent of Lilacs.

Further suggestions of what we can do to connect with Mother Nature:

- Spend time with your animals. Though they may be domestic, they are no less connected to Nature than wild animals are, as again, we are all a part of Nature. Get to know them on an intuitive and soul level.

- Use pieces of Nature on your Spiritual Altar (pine cones, flowers, nuts, fallen leaves and sticks etc). Be sure to only take a small amount and to always give before you take (make an offering, whether it be a blessing, a song, Reiki, a crystal etc).

- Bring potted plants into your home to be further embraced by Nature. Build a relationship with plants, talk to them, take care of them and send them love, for plants do understand and feel energies and intentions.

- Sit at the base of a tree and Meditate. With our root chakra on the ground and the strong tree holding our back, we can deeply connect to Mother Earth and feel secure and safe.

- Bathe in the lake, river, or Ocean. The natural waters of our world are extremely healing and cleansing. Many of us with lots of water in our Astrology charts find deep comfort in being submerged in a natural body of water. - Garden! Work in your gardens, plant flowers for the butterflies and bees. Create a paradise, even if all you have is a little space. And don't bother with the gloves, get those hands dirty! - Practice Yoga & Breath Work outside on the ground. This brings up the energy from Mother Earth, as well as the energy from Father Sky.

- Create a Ritual for Mother Nature. Let your intuition guide you, but keep your intentions pure and controlled. You may want to have a bon fire and burn sage, or another plant as an offering to Gaia, or give the Earth some wine, or herbal tea. - Make an altar for the Fae. They love crystals, organic materials, shiny items, fruits, chocolate and wine. Place your altar outdoors near a plant, or tree. Ask the Faeries to show theirself, or communicate - but give them time, it can take a while to earn their trust. Wishing you all a Blessed Spring. - Laura Myers

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