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The Time is Now to Rise

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

This isn't your regular scheduled Spiritual hippy post, I'm going to dive into some real current world issues, but let me first tell you a bit of my own story.

I was born and raised in Wallaceburg Ontario, Canada. A quaint town situated in a small corner of the South Western area of the province. With the peaceful Sydenham river and mighty St Clair all around, I grew up on the outskirts of town with caring parents. My childhood was pretty darn good to say the least. Being able to par take in sports and musical activities, I never had to go without and I am very grateful for that.

During my younger years, I always wondered why my Mum wouldn't further explain to me why she would tell me "No" with certain things. She would often reply "Because I said so." Ok sure, I get it, Mother knows best and is looking out for us, but can you tell me why? I'd like to better understand. I often felt adults wouldn't take me seriously, because of my age, though all I wanted to do was communicate and have a discussion. Part of me couldn't wait to be an adult, for others to finally take me seriously and listen to what I had to say.

When I was in grade 6 or 7, we had dentists come to our school to check all of our teeth. I didn't understand why they would be doing this, when I had my own dentist, so I refused. I was the only child in the school to refuse. They called my Mum and thankfully, she agreed I didn't have to participate. The following year, same thing, however this time, one teacher remembered and no call had to be made to my parents for me to opt out.

This was also around the time I was forced into two Hepatitis B vaccines when I refused at school. I was the only one who went home without mine, but my parents thought in order for me to continue at the school, I had to get them. They had no clue that exemptions existed - mostly nobody did (this would have been 2000-2002 when I was in grade 7 and 8). So, they drug me to the doctor's office and made me get the shot. Twice. My health started to decline from there. I developed asthma and allergies that I never had before. A figure skater since I was 2 years old, I eventually had to quit at the brink of 20, as I was no longer able to progress, or even make one lap around the arena before having an asthma attack.

Backing up to the beginning of grade 9. I felt a lot of shifts in myself during this time. I started high school and my rebellion dial turned up a little higher. For instance, my Geography teacher was a great man, kind and very helpful. My English & Gym teacher was a miserable woman, with very negative energies. I didn't enjoy being in her classes at all, so I rebelled in my own way. I stopped doing work during English and in gym when she told me I "had" to run with everyone else - even though I informed her about my asthma condition - I took the tiniest and slowest running steps I could possibly do - and I did it with a smile on my face. She wasn't impressed, but I was technically "running." There was a lot of darkness that came over me, but it morphed into a Shamanic Awakening. I developed a lot of anxiety and panic attacks within the first month or two at high school and two months in, I dropped out. To make the story shorter, I tried a bit of home schooling, but only ended up with one grade 9 credit. I didn't want a high school education, I wanted to prove the world I could be successful without traditional schooling.

As a teen, I rebelled more, not in a bad way towards my parents, but in general with our society and also random situations. I felt a need to rebel, but I wasn't my clear self during this time, either. When I was 16, I had an energy healing with a friend of my aunt, along with my aunt, mum and another one of their friends. We all took turns working on each other. One woman told me I gave off a lot of energy (and as a Reiki Master now, that's one of my qualities, being able to pump out a lot to others during sessions) as I was working at her feet. When it was my turn, the woman who was hosting us told me I had a black box around my heart and to imagine melting it with a pink flame. As I did I felt a huge shift of energy, this was a turning point for me - one of many more to come.

Not long after, I started reading "The Jesus Papers" by Michael Baigen. Though I was no devoted Christian, or had any real belief system at this time (I was probably closest to a Nihilist at this point), I not only felt a pull to read it, but I really started to question, "Is this real?" "The Da Vinci Code" blockbuster movie came out the same year and still I was thinking "This is supposed to be fiction, but is it?" The wheels started going in my head.

When I was 19, I saw the woman who helped me melt the black box again and she told me about the Reptile and Cat people, as well as many living underground in the catacombs of the Earth. I didn't do a lot of research into that at the time and for a few years, I spent more time thinking in a 3D sense, instead of a questioning 4D. Not to say I wasn't ever questioning, but things were just a little different for a while, priorities changed and what not. Into my mid 20s, I started to explore truth topics after reading up on the dangers of vaccines.

And down the Rabbit Hole I went, never to return back to the Matrix. As I dove into truth topics and working on my own spiritual growth, I started to remember bits and pieces of myself - of who my Soul is. One memory in particular, I remember praying on a cliff in Scandinavia before a battle, with my warriors by my side. Even watching television shows and movies of period pieces based on specific wars and battles, my emotions become flooded and activations of past life memories arise. There is a reason I am being drawn to all this and why my path has led me to where I am at this time. And then 2020 hit. I don't really need to fill you all in there. Let's jump back to my town. Being a Scottish settlement, Wallaceburg was indeed named after the great Sir William Wallace, who fought for the freedom of the Scottish people back in 1300. With Scottish blood in my veins and always having a lust for the Celtic culture, I felt the dots lining up and asked myself, "What would William Wallace Do?" It gets weirder. During my research for truth, I found many sources claiming Mel Gibson has spoken out against the Hollywood elite pedophiles - and he isn't the only one (feel free to do your own research on that). The dots continued to line up.. I noticed more recently, Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus in Mel Gibson's "Passion Of The Christ" was also playing the role of Tim Ballard in the true story of Operation Underground Railroad - a former special agent for the US government who dedicated his life to rescuing children from child slavery and sex trafficking. Coincidence? I believe not. With tyranny being swept across our Nation and our World, I felt the need to do something. So, I started to protest against the tyrannical lockdowns in my home town in June with a few others who felt the same way I did about the measure being taken against us. I stood proud with my sign "What Would William Wallace Do?" with "FREEDOM!!!" written on the back. As the weeks went on and more unethical bi laws created, the movement started to grow and I began to connect with others all across Canada who were also rallying for our freedoms. On Saturday September 26, I marched with my brothers and sisters downtown Toronto in love, peace and unity. My entire life I have always thought; "If everyone stood up and said no..." And that day, everyone stood up and said no.

At least 4000 people united and marched downtown Toronto. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life! I felt so much connection, alignment, love and incredible shifts during and after this event. To see people from all walks of life coming together for the same cause - freedom, was the most beautiful thing to witness and I am so honoured to be a part of this movement. My heart is filled with gratitude to those heading our freedom groups such as Hugs Over Masks, The Line, Free North Patriots, Mothers Against Distancing, Vaccine Choice Canada and others. Many of us think "I hope someone does something", but we don't always realize "Hey, I am someone!" Everyone involved in this cause is someone, an every day Joe that most don't know, but with a fire burning inside of them to be a part of the change to dismantle this broken government system and create a new utopian World. And everyone who feels the pull to help the cause also has their own unique skill set to bring to the table. I am by no means asking every single person to come out to protest, as that may not be the path for all - and that is totally okay. What I do ask is to help in the ways that you can. Below are a few examples of roles to be filled, see if any light a spark inside of you, or perhaps you have an entirely different role you could fill in this war. Your heart will lead the way. - Attending rallies in your area. Support our numbers by joining our events, or starting your own. Remember it is a good idea to come from a place of love and peace during protesting and note - it is not illegal to gather and protest peacefully in Canada. - Sharing information with others. Whether it is a family member, friend, a group on a social media account, or a stranger in the grocery store. Share your researched information with others. We cannot and will not force them to open their eyes, but we can be there to plant the seeds and show them the door. It is up to them if they choose to look and walk through. - Learning common law. The law has never been my strong suit, but I am starting to learn that there are ways we can fight this through common law - and win. Visit to educate yourself in this area. Note - if anyone tries to fine you for anything in regards to these unethical lockdown measures, do not pay the fine. Reach out for help, either through one of the websites I listed above, or even through my website and I will help you get in contact with someone who can assist you further. Not one person in Canada that has taken their fine to court has had to pay it - not one! - Are you artistic? You can help with flyer designs, create stickers, t shirts, car magnets. Or perhaps a musician? Music at rallies is very uplifting, gets everyone in a good mood and builds confidence! Have you heard our theme song? I'll add it below, it's totally lit.

- Pray. And I mean it. Pray for us, pray for all of humanity. Hold a vision of what you want to see in this world and send that vibration outwards, covering the globe. Call on your Spirit Guides, Angels, whoever you pray to and ask them to assist us, protect us and help us win this war, for the good of all. There are many more things we can do to help the cause, look within yourself and see where your expertise lie and bring forth your talents to help create change! Mel Gibson said it best in "Braveheart"- "They may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom!"

We are the 99% When we unite and stand together, we can and will move mountains. The Great Awakening is snow ballin' and there's no stopping it now! So now, Warriors, I call on you. I will never give up, I will never surrender. I stand with you and I leave no man behind. The time is now to Rise! Much love, light and strength to you all. Laura (Lor) Myers Oh - did I mention who I met at the Toronto Rally? xD

Peace and Love, my friends.

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