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When The Veil Between Worlds Is At It's Thinnest

Today we celebrate Samhain with an enchanting and bright Blue Full Moon, a rare and significant event that will assist with activating our true essence and bring forth the gifts we have inside of us. 🌕 When the veil between worlds is at it's thinnest, not only are we able to more openly communicate with the dead, we can also communicate and connect to our Spirit Guides, Faeries, Angels, our Higher Self and the Divine with more lucidity. This is a time where the Realms seem to over lap and exist on top of one another, some may notice this more than others, depending on how sensitive you are to these sorts of vibrations. Regardless of how much you notice these Worlds around you, they are present and we have the ability to sense them, feel them, see them and even move between them. However, due to the veil being thin, it doesn't mean only benevolent beings will come through. This is the last of the Summer weather, where the dark season takes over and the Earth falls into her slumber. When the veil between Worlds is at it's thinnest, the darkness can also come through. Be vigilant while you explore. Protect yourself and let your heart guide you with whom you interact with, as you venture through the Spirit realms. Though Samhain is often seen as a malevolent and scary time to many, we can visualize ourselves carrying a torch to guiding the way on this journey of awakening, keeping us protected and the darkness at bay. This is the perfect time to awaken your intuition, receiving downloads of knowledge from Source and Spirits that are here to assist us. If anything this Samhain, sit in meditation. In stillness, in quietness. Let go of everything prior to this moment, as the Blue Full Moon helps you to release all of the old that is no longer of service, while also shining pure energy from Source into your crown, activating and awakening your truth and magick that lies within. Notice all of your senses. Smell, taste, hearing, seeing. Do any feel heightened? For me, the more I have been tuning in - just this morning of the 31, the more I can sense these Worlds around me, my Guides and Spirits around me. I am not entirely sure how to explain it, but the vibration in my body changes and it's like I can feel the Realms all here at once, it's a very interesting and aligned feeling for me. Do you have animals? If so, how have they been acting lately? I have noticed my familiars seem to have been more energetic and wanting to explore more during this time. With a heightened intuition, many animals are very much aware of their surroundings, which we cannot always sense, or see ourselves. Pay more attention to your animals, or any animals you come across while out in Nature. How are they acting? Do they perhaps have any messages to pass along to you from Spirit? 🐱 I have also lost a few familiars over the years and one of them in particular came to my mind today. Her name is Moonshine and she was only with me a short time, about a year and a half. She showed up in my yard as a kitten when I lived in the city, so I brought her home to my parents' farm to live with my other cats. She got along famously with them all, the horses as well, even riding on their backs often! I knew she came from the Cosmos to help, I felt a connection between her and the Moon spirit, hence her name, Moonshine (nope, not after the drink). She was a beam of light that shined down during a dark time. After her disappearance, a young skinny stray male came my way, whom I knew instantly was a Wizard, so I called him Albus (Dumbledore - of course). Albus, too, left before I felt was his time. The malevolent forces will and do go after our familiars, we must be sure to do our best to protect them. Speaking of our familiars, my three kittens from a blog post earlier this year, Mother Nature Is Calling Us Home , which I co-parented with a friend (they stayed in the spare room at her place most of the time) finally came home the other day and are integrating into my barn! I am beyond thrilled to have my Fellowship home and they are having a blast playing in the barn. It seems like Divine timing that they arrive on the brink of Samhain, the perfect season to transition and hunker down in their new home, as they get used to their surroundings and new friends (my other cats and horses). These kittens arriving to me were Spirit's way of saying "Here's your new crew, they came to protect and serve, so the elders (my older cats - who are 14) can retire." Though of course, I am being more vigilant with protecting my new familiars, giving them much time to settle in and get to know the property and it's boundaries. My three sweet and very large boys, Gandalf, Frodo and Aragorn are fully grown and ready to take on their new adventure!

Whether you call on Angels or Aesir, Buddha or Faeries, Source or God, Familiars or Ancestors, know that you can reach out to them anytime, but you may feel and sense them tonight more than any other night. Call on them, honour them, gift them with food, ask them for guidance, clarity and thank them for their presence and assistance. For when the Veil between Worlds is at it's thinnest, we manifest Magick! I will leave you with the announcement of the winner for the Grounding & Protection kit via my last blog post, Grounding & Protection Tips From A Solitary Witch. Tune in to the video below to see a recording of the draw!

Thank you to everyone who entered. All those subscribed to my mailing list receive a free Oracle reading, but bare with me, my website only allows me to send out so many campaigns a month, but the code for your free reading will be coming to you before too long! Wishing you all a Blessed Samhain 🍂🎃

Laura (Lor) Myers

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